Practical Recommendations On Biology Dissertation Layout Writing

To compose a good biology dissertation, you should outline it first. With a clear plan of what to include in each chapter and subchapter of your paper, you’ll spend less time on the writing process and the structure of your paper will be more solid. No matter the topic, all research papers of this level have a similar structure that you should stick to.

Tips for Outlining Your Biology Dissertation

  1. Outline the introduction.
  2. In the first chapter of your paper, it’s important to clearly present your general topic and rationale. Explain what led you to choosing this research area. Present your research question and interpret all terms in it that might sound ambiguous.

  3. Outline the literature overview.
  4. Here, you should list the key thinkers in your field and list their main books and other works. Explain the main theoretical idea behind your study. Indicate the gap in the knowledge that your research will fill.

  5. Outline the methodology.
  6. Present the general methodology that you’ve chosen to conduct your study. Explain why this methodology is better than alternatives. Provide a thorough description of all activities performed during your research.

  7. Outline the results.
  8. After your research design has been described, you should present the actual outcomes that you’ve achieved. Introduce the raw results and interpret their meaning to the reader. Answer the main question presented in the introduction.

  9. Outline the conclusion.
  10. Finally, you should summarize the major points of your project and explain how other students and researchers can continue your study. Your conclusion shouldn’t contain any new figures that weren’t presented earlier.

  11. Outline the bibliography.
  12. This is a section where a list of all your sources is presented in alphabetical order. There should be no other information in the bibliography.

  13. Outline the appendices.
  14. Lastly, you should have a section where large graphs, tables, and pictures are presented. This section is needed for cosmetic reasons. Body chapters would be less readable if they were full of this sort of materials.

Who Can Help You with Outlining Your Biology Dissertation

If you need help with planning the structure of your paper, you may approach different sources. For instance, you may go to your professor and ask for their advice. They should check your initial outline and explain what changes you should make in it.

If you don’t have an opportunity to go to your professor, you may consult some other expert in academic writing. Look for local specialists in newspaper ads or spread the word among your friends explaining what sort of help you need.