Selecting An Inspiring Dissertation Topic On Jane Eyre

Deciding on an inspiring topic on Jane Eyre will not be as challenging as most. The subject portrays deep thoughts, emotions, and characteristics through the entire book. The description of the woman is set from childhood to adulthood. It follows the woman through all the highs and lows of her life. She had the ability to survive through very rough and demanding times and keep her sanity when most would give up on life itself. She develops into a strong, independent, woman who carries with her numerous mental scars. The decisions she makes, and the lifestyle she leads keeps her in the battle of God and Satan.

Numerous points of controversy

Controversy is a perfect format for this style of paper. There are so many options to take when deciding on the subject material. The ability to take your opinion and argue its point strong enough to sway the reader makes for the perfect paper. The characters that she is involved with through the story stand out as different types of people. These people seem to have very different outlooks on life.

Her choices in life

You can discuss if the choices she made were correct or discuss her thoughts on what was wrong or right or whether her beliefs were good or bad? Should she have made the friends and enemies she had in her life? Another possibility is to discuss how she dealt with her life’s choices.

The ability to describe the nature of each character can lead to deciding what kind of person they were. One can argue she was right making the moral decisions she made to survive. They can also make a valid point that no matter the obstacle she should not have traveled down the road she did. Find an area of the story whether it is people, places, or things she said or did and explain if they were valid choices.

The deeper the understanding of the story, the easier it will be to make a stand on your subject. It is like if you knew the same person your brother knew which description would be correct? You will have to have reasons why you thought of that individual in a certain way. There is a saying used every so often. “just because you say it’s so, does not make it right.” A well written paper would not bring this type of statement to light. The reader will take your side of the argument as gospel. They would have no reason to think otherwise. This site (insert your website here) has a great deal of information that you would find interesting.