Dissertation Formatting: 5 Rules To Keep In Mind

When writing a dissertation you have to be aware of the formatting rules that can improve the quality of your project. In some respects you cannot hand a project in if certain formatting rules are not met. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you adhere to the formatting rules that have been suggested to you by your examiner or teacher. They are not that hard to stick to for the most part, and can even make your project a lot easier to complete. So without more delay here are 5 dissertation formatting rules that you must keep in mind whilst working on your project.

  1. Table of contents: to being with it makes sense to create a table of contents that will allow your project to be very well organized. By doing this a large project can be easily navigated and that is going to be very well received by the examiner. The best table of contents to go with is one that is built into your word processing software. It will quickly install it on your behalf.
  2. Headings: the quality of the formatting also depends on the headings. If they are well spaced out and they are descriptive then you’ll be able to get the formatting correct.
  3. Example projects: to get the formatting just right without getting confused on your first try you can simply have a look at other similar projects. They will contain the required formatting that has been asked by the examiner. You can then learn by example which is one of the easiest ways of learning.
  4. Ask your teacher: the best person to ask for formatting tips is your teacher. That is simply because of departmental rules that might be specific. So if you do not ask your teacher you will be missing out on the vital rules that must be adhered to in order to reach the top grade level.
  5. Make it look good: the point of formatting is to make a project look good and that is what you should try to do with your dissertation project. If you can ensure that it looks easy on the eye and navigation is not a problem. If you have those two covered then you will be alright.