Dissertation Writing Tips And Tricks: Proofreading Your Paper

Dissertation writing is one of the mandatory tasks that a student pursuing a higher degree has to undertake. It is generally a thesis on a proven hypothesis with relevant observations and an experiment, so it is naturally expected of a student to make his/her paper free of any mistakes.

Before the final submission of the paper, a student must do a thorough revision of it so that any minor mistakes can be averted in order to get a good score. However, there are certain tips to proofreading one’s paper one must follow before the final submission.


  • One of the most essential tips is to recheck your paper after a gap of time once you have written the paper completely. It will help in refreshing your mind, and you will feel energized to take a second look at the paper. Compiling a long thesis may leave you exhausted, and you won’t be able to recognize mistakes as easily.

  • You must look at the construction of the sentences at first because illegible sentences might end up giving your theory a bad impression. Grammar and sentence structure should be the first thing to look at.

  • Any kind of spelling mistakes should be taken into consideration. One must consult a dictionary in case of any doubt regarding the spelling and syntax of the word.

  • One hidden trick is to read out every sentence aloud so that it will reach your ear, and it will be easy to pinpoint any wrong in them.

  • Make sure that all the bibliography and other references have been properly put in the proper places.

  • Do not proofread the entire essay at one go; separate the entire work into different sentences and allot a particular time for a maximum of number of two to three paragraphs at a time.

  • Ask for help from your friends or co-workers. Ask them to read the research paper aloud so that you can get an objective view of your thesis. They can also provide any inputs if required.

Apart from these general tips and tricks, a student can easily look for professional help if he/she is able to spend a little bit of money. There are many freelancers out there, easily available, who are ready to give a professional look into the dissertation. However, be sure to look for experts who have valid credentials.