List Of Fresh Dissertation Titles You Should Consider

Coming up with a title for your dissertation can be a challenge. It has to be something that you can complete in a reasonable amount of time while still being original and relevant. You might need a few suggestions to help steer your dissertation in the right direction for any field of study.

10 Fresh Dissertation Titles to Consider

  • The Impact of New Technology
  • Your dissertation is guaranteed to be fresh if it takes a look at how new technology impacts your field. For example, educators may explore how e-book readers help learning-impaired pupils while engineering students can study the use 3D printers in great detail.

  • Exploring Fringe Areas of Your Field of Study
  • Every field of study has its fringe areas, such as astrology for the astronomical sciences and cryptozoology for veterinary medicine. These topics aren’t always considered respectable for a variety of reasons, but a convincing study has a good chance of a favorable reception.

  • How Your Field Impacts Current Issues and Vice Versa
  • Sometimes, you won’t need to look further than the current issues being discussed in the media. Studying the effect your field has on current events, or the impact of recent developments on your field will make for a timely dissertation.

  • A Review of Knowledge from the Past
  • It may be worthwhile to delve into your field’s past to look for your dissertation title. For instance, the revival of old dyeing methods can be useful to fashion majors while the curative properties of herbs used in medieval medicine will be interesting to the health sciences.

  • Trends that Occur Over Time
  • Looking at trends that occur over a period of time can be valuable to any field. A good dissertation can be made by identifying patterns that span years, especially if a predictive model can be made on the basis of your study.

  • A Study with a Highly Specialized Focus
  • Any study can be fresh and interesting if it has a narrow and highly specialized focus. The habits of a certain pod of dolphins would be an acceptable topic, as would the effects of the recent economic downturn on the market for a specific type of printed advertisements.

  • Comparisons of Different Methods
  • You can take advantage of methods that already exist by making a comparative study of the results they generate. This can be applied to everything from different teaching methods to the variety of ways in which fruit can be fermented.

  • Merging Fields of Study
  • Hybrid studies that merge two or more seemingly unrelated fields, such as food science and mechanical engineering or astronomy and philosophy, are always interesting. The only caveat here is not to pursue a topic that is too far-fetched.

  • Application of the Discoveries from Previous Research
  • Discoveries made by others in your field can be useful to your dissertation. Applying old research in new ways is a perfectly sound basis for your own study.

  • A discovery of Your Own
  • The most attractive dissertation title for any researcher is a discovery of his or her own. If you can make a breakthrough in your field, you should definitely pursue that line of research.

When choosing your dissertation title, it’s important to pick something you are passionate about. This will make completing your study a much lighter task. Even defending your work in front of your dissertation committee won’t be too difficult when you’ve got a topic that you love. If you’re still having a hard time making a decision, though, you can visit this website for help.