In Search Of A Good Dissertation Example About Hospitality: A Simple Guide

Are you writing a dissertation on hospitality and would like to find an example that is very interesting? Then you need to figure out the best places to look for such a topic. When you know where to look you’ll realize that there are so many topics out there making a choice will be tough. Therefore, read on for some top suggestions of places that a suitable hospitality dissertation example can be found:

Hospitality Blogs

There are blogs nowadays on any topic you can think of, which means there are a bunch on hospitality. These are the perfect places to find some interesting blogs which could also be the topic of your dissertation. Most blogs have a lot of entries which means you could be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a topic.

You can also find some example dissertations by taking a look at these blogs, because they might quote them in the content. In the majority of cases when a study is quoted there will be a link that points to the source. These links are useful in finding countless examples that you can use.


Online directories are a very valuable tool when coming up with example projects you can take a look at. Hospitality is a common topic so most online directories will have a category for hospitality. Try to find the biggest directories out there, because that will increase the chances of you locating an example that will actually be useful to you.

Some directories require you to make a payment, however this payment is only worth it if there is real value to be found. In the majority of cases you’ll find that they will let you look at the titles for free, but you have to pay to access the titles.

Ask Your Professor

Your department will store the work completed by students, and you can get access to them for a bunch of relevant examples. You’ll be able to see how the work was completed in order to get the top grades. Of course make sure that you only pay attention to the titles that have achieved the highest grade. In most cases the professors are helpful if you take the time to visit them in their offices and ask for help.