How To Pick Dissertation Topics On Construction Management

Are you having some difficulties in choosing the perfect topic for your dissertation on construction management? You’re not alone. Writing professionals at My Custom Essay are always ready to help. It can be very challenging for graduate students like you to find the topic they want to put that much time and effort into. Since your dissertation paper is kind of like the crowning success of your academic career, having a topic you love is essential.

Tips on choosing your topic

  1. It should be one you have a great interest in. Think also of how it would affect the community and how much interest others would have in it. Does it provide new insight? Will it deliver new information? Will others in the field be able to relate to it? Do you have sufficient passion in it to see it through to the end?
  2. Look ahead. Will this topic help you later in your career? Will it prove your competency within your field? Will it be of benefit to you in your future endeavors?
  3. Have you read sufficiently within the area of your topic of interest to know if there are enough resources to support you? You need sufficient references to support your claims and theories.

Some ideas to build a topic out of

Creating a topic with an accompanying title and thesis statement may seem daunting, but there are some things you can do to give yourself a head start. For example, jot down some notes about topics you’ve covered thus far in your studies.

Do any particular ideas stand out? Look through your text books and search for ideas that spark your interest and merit some further research. Additionally, you can go to the library and look for archived dissertations written by other students. Pay particular attention to the sections where they give ideas for future research that needs to be done. Do some looking and see if those ideas have been covered by other graduate students yet. It could be a goldmine of ideas.

Take some of the following general topic ideas and put your own unique twist on them to create your own topic.

  • Techniques to increase the accuracy of estimations
  • Information systems: how are they used in construction management?
  • Comparison of project planning methodologies
  • Infrastructure projects: how to create an effective business plan
  • What are the pros and cons of new construction methods?
  • Effective models of simulation in the management of natural resources