How To Compose A Proper Dissertation Title Page

Also called or known as a cover page, the title page of any dissertation is the first thing readers see and read when your thesis is submitted. This article will show you the steps and even a few examples as to how this can be done.

The things to remember when making a cover page is that you want the readers to know who you are, what you’re writing about, who helped you with the project and what term you’re from. Therefore, a cover page should include the title of your thesis or dissertation, your name, the date that it will be submitted, the name or names or your student/faculty advisors and your term and year. Other things that are optional to include are the type of dissertation (literature review, grant proposal, policy analysis, etc.), the name of your school and the department of that school.

Normally the title comes first. It is usually in a big, bold font at the top left or the top centre on the page. You may also wish to put it in the middle of the page, but be sure to leave enough space for the following information. Your name comes next, followed by your advisors, the date and the term as previously mentioned. If you choose to say what kind of dissertation it is, this should come immediately after the headline. If you choose to insert your school name and department, it should come after your advisor’s/ advisors’ name, but before the term and year. The format, followed by an example is shown below.


  • (Type of thesis)
  • (School Name)
  • (Department Name)
  • Name
  • Date
  • Advisor/Advisors
  • Term and Year
  • Universal Healthcare: Free for Only the Poverty-Stricken Grant Proposal

    John Smith

    28th November 2016

    Dr. Andrew Johnson and Dr. Samantha Grey

    Princeton University

    Department of Public Health

    Fall 2016

    You may, if you prefer, put the actual heading before the subtitles. This goes for everything except the title and the type of dissertation. An example is shown below.

    Universal Healthcare: Free for Only the Poverty-Stricken

    Grant Proposal

    Name: John Smith

    Date: 28th November 2016

    Faculty Advisor/Advisors: Dr. Andrew Johnson and Dr. Samantha Grey

    School: Princeton University

    Department: Public Health

    Term: Fall 2016

    This page is very short and should probably not contain more than one hundred words. This is just the briefest hint of information that you will be providing the reader with.