Useful Tips On Composing A Dissertation Introduction In Psychology

A psychology dissertation is a big and complex academic paper. It might be difficult to make a person read the full text of your paper. However, if you draw the attention of the reader to your topic in the introduction and clearly state what your study is about, the chances for your paper to become successful will increase.

Tips to Write a Strong Introduction

  1. Present your topic.
  2. You should indicate the area of your research right away. Don’t make the reader wait to learn what your paper is about.

  3. List your overall objectives.
  4. You should indicate what goals you want to achieve in your study. Make sure that you don’t have more than three overall objectives. Otherwise, your area of research is too broad.

  5. Tell the history of your topic.
  6. You should briefly list the main discoveries made in the field and write about the main researchers who influenced your work.

  7. Indicate the significance of your work.
  8. Write about the contribution of your dissertation to the development of the field and tell who will benefit from your work.

  9. Formulate exact research questions.
  10. You should make the reader clearly understand what questions you’re going to answer in the “Results” chapter.

  11. Describe your methodology.
  12. List the methods that you used during your research to achieve your goals and explain why you decided to use this particular methodology.

  13. Set the scope.
  14. The reader should understand the scale of your work. Write about the assumptions upon which you’ve made your research and factors that limited the reach of your study.

  15. Explain the keywords.
  16. Some keywords used in your paper might have different meanings in different situations. To avoid ambiguity, you should indicate what you exactly mean when using these keywords.

If you follow these tips, your psychology dissertation introduction will be clear and informative. The reader will have no problems with understanding the contents of the body chapters.

Getting Help with Writing Academic Papers

If you feel that your research and writing skills aren’t good enough to create a paper that will earn you the highest score, you should use the assistance of professional sources. For example, you may attend academic centers in your town where you’ll be able to take courses to improve your writing skills. Some students also hire personal tutors to assist them with their research, outlining, and writing. If you cannot spend money to get help, regularly visit your professor and consult them on what you should do next.