A List Of Strong Dissertation Topic Ideas On Business Management

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a valuable degree for anyone seeking to work or be promoted in any business-related field. There are many different aspects of business administration, and quite often they overlap. This means that your skills will translate to many different jobs and fields, and that your knowledge will be valued. It is a lot of work to earn an MBA, however, and the final step is to write your dissertation and to have it approved. If you don’t have a specific topic in mind for your dissertation, the field is rather broad, so you should be able to find relevant and engaging idea. You will want to choose one that keeps you interested, especially considering the amount of research and writing that need to be done for a successful final product.

  1. 1.The effects of organizational culture and commitment to creativity in the creation of new product lines.
  2. 2.The impact that multiculturalism in international companies has on productivity and communication.
  3. 3.The ethical responsibilities of importers of natural resources to explore sustainable alternatives to avoid depletion: Acai Case Study.
  4. 4.Assessment of the relative success of various rebranding campaigns by companies in the 21st century.
  5. 5.Redefining corporate leadership in the 21st century: responsibilities, management theories, goals, and realities.
  6. 6.Benefits, management challenges and corporate expectations when working with telecommuting employees.
  7. 7.Analyzing the benefits and challenges of the increasing trend toward hiring temporary employees and independent contractors.
  8. 8.How can American companies benefit from an exploration of human resources management and cultural differences in other countries?
  9. 9.An examination of the conflicts and synergies between entrepreneurship and various corporate models.
  10. 10.An assessment of the value, potential and dangers of social media interaction with clients, customer and the general public.
  11. 11.The effects of Greece’s debt crisis on countries and businesses of the European Union.
  12. 12.The impact of a company’s negatively perceived environmental policies on sales and outlook.
  13. 13.Human resources challenges in the 21st century: identifying, attracting and retaining the most desirable employees to move the company forward.
  14. 14.Study of the effects on employee productivity when a “no tracking” vacation policy is implemented: Netflix Case Study.
  15. 15.The current perception of consumers regarding quality and desirability when presented with a “Made in America” product.

As you can see, there are many different topics with many different perspectives. Virtually any research or study that interests you is a potential dissertation topic. If you need assistance generalizing or narrowing down a theme, your academic advisor is there for that purpose. Nailing down your topic is an important early step in your writing. Choose an area that has not been explored, or where deeper research is available, and you can have a well-written and relevant dissertation.