4 Ways To Find Good Dissertation Examples In Economics

Your thesis is liable to be the greatest undertaking you do at University, taking up anything from 8.000 to 15.000 words. It includes research, time, effectiveness and commitment. You don't have timetabled openings in the week to chip away at the thesis; however it is not a light choice. You should sort out your own particular time successfully keeping in mind the end goal to make it a win.

Albeit numerous individuals see Economics as a simply specialized subject with heaps of mathematical statements and charts, you do need to compose articles and expositions in your dissertation. If writing is not what you are most comfortable with, you should probably seek some help. Finding good dissertation examples in economics might be the first step you should take. Once you see how it is supposed to look, you can easily start writing your own.

Valuable research papers and dissertation often remain private; thou some people chose to publish them. Here are great ways how to search and find some good dissertation examples if you are an Economics student.

Scientific magazines

Some students publish their dissertations in specialized magazines once they have finished it. Those magazines are sometimes for free. They are sometimes shorter than the original thesis. Nevertheless, this will serve as a great tool if you are writing your own dissertation. Those papers have all been published for a reason – they are good.


Dissertations are often published in specialized book that cover a certain problem in Economics. These books often have more than a dozen different works, from case studies to published dissertation. You can even copy those books and then read them at home, so you can see exactly what is a dissertation supposed to look like.

Searching online

Forums, university pages, specialized internet portals are all good places to search for a decent economic dissertation. You have to be careful when you find data online, because they can sometimes be untrustworthy.

Your teacher

Don’t forget, your teacher is there to help you with your thesis. That means that he can also provide some good examples of dissertation if you ask him to.

At the end, it is very important to choose the right subject of your dissertation. Before you do anything, thing about the things that you would like to investigate. Here are a few interesting topics that can be interesting for someone that wants to do an economics dissertation.