Dissertation Ideas On Food Nutrition: 20 Questions To Explore

Food nutrition is such a large subject that there are a number of questions worth exploring. However, when students are tasked with developing their own topics, it can be a bit difficult to come up with something that would make for a great dissertation. Here are 20 questions you might want to consider:

  1. How effective are food nutrition courses offered in high school? Should these be revised or updated for today’s students?
  2. Do you think it’s important to discuss the several different opinions developed by individual nutritionists around the world?
  3. What evidence is there for specific diets used to treat patients who suffer from life-threatening diseases?
  4. Should schools be required to test students’ on their nutrition knowledge before receiving funding from the state?
  5. How dangerous are quick-fat loss diet plans made so popular by advertisements on television and on the internet?
  6. Should the government ban weight loss pills? How effective are they in leading to noticeable weight loss in the average adult?
  7. Should an active profession in food nutrition require practitioners to renew certification every year?
  8. Can food nutrition be modified so that more students are likely to adapt healthy eating habits when they aren’t in school?
  9. Is it important to increase one’s caloric intake when they are attempting to maintain weight but have recently become more active?
  10. What are the biggest reasons why sedentary people with health diets still gain weight at higher rate than active people?
  11. What are the most effective nutrition methods for increasing lean muscle in athletes? What about when coupled with workout?
  12. Should human resource specialist require people to take health or nutrition courses before an employee can sign up for insurance?
  13. How important is a whole foods diet in the development of a fetus in the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy?
  14. Should nutritionists make a great effort to educate youth about healthy eating habits or do schools hold the responsibility?
  15. Why do some athletes recovery quicker when they supply their bodies with certain nutrients or vitamins that come from engineered formulas?
  16. Should more schools employ food nutrition specialists to provide direct services to students on a year round basis?
  17. How important is sports nutrition for the recovering athlete? What are the biggest myths about the healing body and the foods people eat?
  18. Should obese patients be forced to take food nutrition courses or have to pay more in health insurance costs to lessen the burden on healthy people?
  19. What are the most effective ways to ensure pregnant mothers get the right amount of nutrients to ensure healthy development of the fetus?
  20. What are biggest challenges faced by food nutritionists when it comes to creating individualized diets for their patients?